About us

Ruppert Trading BV is Dutch investment manager focused on delivering high absolute returns by applying strict quantitative ideas to the stock selection process.

The founder, Oliver Ruppert, started 20 years ago at Mercury Asset Management in London as an equity analyst and gathered extensive experience within Merril Lynch in New York as part of the US small cap team.

Ruppert Trading was founded in 2008 and has a long and successful history as a proprietary trading company. In 2017, we launched our first fund, the AlgoSight Fund, and made the transition to an investment management firm.

We pride ourselves on being a very technology-driven company that collects large amounts of data to build robust, diverse and profitable trading strategies upon.


With a small team of 4 highly specialized experts, we operate successfully on the main stock exchanges in the US, Europe and Asia. Our computer models trade around the clock, fully automated.

Our strengths lie in our passion for what we do: automating processes to cut out the repetitive and boring tasks, statistical analysis to make good trading decisions / predictions, finding new data sources that allows us to differentiate us from the competition.


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