Who we are

Ruppert Trading BV is a proprietary trading company, based in Haarlem (The Netherlands). The company was established in 2008 and has grown significantly since its inception.

We are a very technology-driven company with a special focus on financial markets micro-structure. We are developing computer algorithms that seek to make predictions about a securities short-term price movement.

We are looking for entrepreneurial employees that are willing to manage capital using their talent to discover the inefficiencies of the capital markets, such as seasonal behavior, fund flows or statistical arbitrage.

What we do

We use our own capital to buy and sell securities for our own account.

We are active on most of the major equity markets and take short term positions in securities where we believe that demand / supply imbalances exist. Our typical trade duration can last from minutes to a few days.

Our core business is quantitative analysis and event studies, which allow us to make statistically significant predictions about a securities future price movement.

Why join us?

We are a small and entrepreneurial company, where you can still make a difference.
In contrast to our larger competitors, you have the opportunity to grow with us.
You will be able to work autonomously and define yourself the way you want to work.
You will be given responsibility at an early stage and share into the financial success of the company.


We are currently hiring! We are looking for experienced IT and Market Analysts.
> Software Developer (Updated Sept 2016)
> Data Scientist / Machine Learning Specialist

Contact us

Ruppert Trading BV
Kruisweg 70 III
2011 LG Haarlem
The Netherlands

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